Author: keigan

“Notice of participation in event exhibitions(October)”

In October, we will be participating in two event exhibitions. From October 11th to 14th 2016 IEEE 5th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics – GCCE 2016  Location: Mielparque Kyoto ( It’s an academic conference event regarding electronics information. October 13th Keihanna Business Messe Location: Keihanna Plaza Event Hall ( It’s the Messe in Keihanna area where the office is.

Notice of event exhibition

Thanks to help from Kibidango, we will be participating in “IoT&H/W BIZ DAY 2 by ASCII STARTUP” that will be hosted by ASCII STARTUP next week, on August 26th (Fri).

The site is live

We have launched the site today. On this site, we are planning for crowd funding and will provide information about a unique motor product, KeiganMotor.